June 3, 2916. Well howdy!  My name is Kevin Enochs this is my webpage.

I’m a writer, and have used that skill most successfully as a television journalist.  I’m fairly proud of my work in this regard as I have always had a problem with authority figures. Journalism felt like a way to pursue my natural mistrust of people in power, and I was pretty good at it for a while.

I was at CNN for a long, long time, at National Geographic in the initial years after they moved aggressively into television.  And now I work for the U.S. Government creating news stories that hopefully tell the good, the bad and the ugly about this great country.

I write about science, and music.  I hail from the state of Mississippi and grew up in the great State of Texas. I discovered punk when the Sex Pistols played the Longhorn Ballroom in 1978. It took me a while to reconcile my love of ZZ Top, Yes and the Clash, but music is a love that hath no boundaries. Then later, I fell deep watching Stevie Ray playing at Antones, and sheepishly saying hello to Keith Ferguson (RIP) the bass player from The Fabulous Thunderbirds while we both shopped for vinyl at a now defunct record shop below the Wooten dormitory on Quadalupe Street in Austin, Texas.

I’m a husband and a dad, and a fairly decent guitar player.  I have a dream of creating a mid-life crisis band, but life does find a way to keep me too  busy to chase that dream, at the moment.

I work very hard to be objective in my writing but when you’re chasing science, evolution, and climate change and love punk rock, people tend to assume things.

Ah well.  Enjoy.


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