June 3, 2916. Well howdy!  My name is Kevin Enochs and once upon a time I was a journalist.

I reckon that was back when it meant something.  Nowadays, all I see is very pretty people, pandering to politicians in search of power (and the occasional ill advised use of alliteration).  That’s how it goes I guess.

I was at CNN for a long, long time, at National Geographic in the initial years after they sold their soul (and their brand) to Fox News.  And now I work for the U.S. Government creating news stories that hopefully tell the good, the bad and the ugly about this great country.

As you can tell I like science, and music and this is my focus.  I hail from the state of Mississippi (a bit messed up, though you can’t hate your home, it’s like family) and grew up in the great State of Texas (again, a bit of a mess but I do love my Texas).

I’m a husband and a dad, and a fairly decent guitar player.  I have a dream of creating a mid-life crisis band, but life does find a way to keep me too  busy to chase that dream, at the moment.

My politics are my own, my religion (or lack thereof) the same.  I work very hard to be objective in my writing but when you’re chasing science, evolution, and climate change people tend to assume that I’m liberal (which is one thing about our political climate that I find shameful).

Ah well.  Enjoy.

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