Rebooting the Kilogram

  It happened with the second, it happened with the meter, and thankfully it happened with feet and inches as well, and now it’s happening to the Kilogram. On Friday, if all goes as planned, the General Conference on Weights and Measures (BIPM) will vote to change the way scientists measure the exact weight of […]

Chris Cornell R.I.P.

It took a while for Soundgarden to Jell with me. My initial exposure to them was Badmotorfinger, the first recording of theirs I bought. I was an immediate fan of Cornell’s voice.  He owned that tenor like Hendrix, and Stevie Ray owned their guitars, it just did whatever he wanted it to do. But initially […]

Practicing Medicine in a virtual world

The future is full of virtual reality games, and applications. But one place where its utility is clearly going to have a positive impact is in the world of medicine. In London, the Virtual Reality Show is displaying some of the technologies that will change the way medicine, surgery, and even psychotherapy are practiced in […]

Science Quicktake; more bad news for bees;

Some new research has shown that one of the most common neonicotinoid pesticides is really messing with the world’s honey bees. Previous research has already shown how neonicotinoid exposure can reduce the number of worker bees that find their way home. But this new research shows how the pesticide is damaging their flying ability. This […]